FLEUR (QUERIDA VAN HET EARLSKAMP) is the daughter of two Grote Grijze Keeshonden from Belgium:

                              KALUNA VAN HET EARLSKAMP                              and                                    CH LUKAI VAN HET EARLSKAMP



Fleur is a spicy aunt, naughty but so fun! By the breeder, Marlene Stassen of Kennel 'Van Het Earlskamp', I was lit with the show virus. Fleur is now Dutch Youth Champion and Belgian Youth Champion!! And I'm the proud owner of this keeshond. We are now going up for the Dutch Championship, she has already been the best bitch of the ‘Big Grey Keeshonden’ at the dogshow in Zwolle (NL). She has already scored a point in Belgium.


Fleur health tests: HD A, PL free, ED free and by inheritance PHPT free.